Just Done 9 Months Inside stripy orange autumn baby outfit

3 Top Tips for How to Dress your Baby for Autumn

We're all holding out hope for an Indian summer, but there's no denying that the evenings are starting to get a little chillier, and those autumnal days are slowly creeping in. But do not despair, here at Lazy Baby we've got the perfect guide to creating cute autumn baby outfits so your little one looks and feels ready!

Here are our 3 top tips for how to dress baby for autumn:

1. Layers to make life easy

It's almost impossible to figure out what to wear, when one moment, the sun is out and it still feels like the end of summer, and the next minute, the heavens open or a cool wind blows. In this unpredictable season, layers are your best bet! The typical rule is that your newborn needs one extra layer to what you're wearing to keep them comfortable. A cotton vest will provide a breathable base layer next to baby's skin and we have a cute range of vests for newborns made from soft, organic cotton for you to choose from, then just layer up with a matching onesie and coordinating cardigan or sweater as needed.

2. Colours to match the season

Think autumn, think falling leaves, pumpkins, bonfires and all things orange! We've got you covered with organic cotton onesies and hats in orange so that baby can match the season.  Check out our stripy orange and white Just Done 9 Months Inside Baby Grow, or for a real pop of colour, our bright orange Baby Bundle for Newborns.

3. Hats for the cool outdoors

Autumn days are perfect for a walk to the park (when it's not pouring with rain, obviously!) - get some fresh air and some time to yourself while baby (hopefully!) drops off for a nap in the buggy. If it feels a little chilly, a cute matching hat and a snuggly blanket on hand will keep baby cosy and warm - just don't forget the rain cover for the buggy just in case!


Don't feel sad this autumn, cheer yourself up with some bright, orange layers to brighten the mood and keep baby looking cute and feeling warm. And if you know someone that's expecting an autumn baby, look no further for the perfect coming home outfit!

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