All our products are available to buy wholesale. We ship European orders from our fulfilment warehouse in Barnstaple UK and USA orders from our fulfilment centre in Ohio USA .  We have teamed up with the following wholesale marketplaces:


We sell via Abound https://helloabound.com/invite/lazybabyuk

(£150 off your first order on Abound when you use the link above)



We sell via ANKORSTORE https://www.ankorstore.com/brand/lazy-baby-1154

(€150, paid by Ankorstore with the promocode LIFT-100-TBHAYPBW)


USA and Central America

We sell via Faire https://lazybaby.faire.com/user/sign-up

($100 off your first order on Faire when you use the link above)


If you are interested in stocking our products, please email Mark at mark@lazybaby.co.uk