5 Things Never To Say To A New Mum

5 Things Never To Say To A New Mum

Five things new mums can do without hearing...

1) Are they sleeping through yet? The answer is obviously no because babies just aren't designed to sleep the whole night.This is not a mum-fail, it's nature!

2) When do you go back to work? She's exhausted, not on an extended holiday and won't want to think about it at the moment.

3) You look shattered. Yes she probably is but it's polite not to point it out. Next question!

4) Enjoy every moment because the time flies by so quickly.Or they'll be teenagers before you know it. This is so true and it's also very irritating.

5) You must sleep when they sleep. From midwifes and well-meaning relatives, to pram passers-by they all love this old chestnut. It absolutely never works in practice .

We recommend that you keep it simple and positive. "Congratulations and what a lovely baby!"

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