6 Ways to Rock Weekends with a Baby

6 Ways to Rock Weekends with a Baby

Sure the weekend isn't one long lazy lie in once you've had a baby but trust us, new parents can still rock the weekend.  

1. Friday feeling. Okay granted there's a little less 'YAY' in Friday these days. With a baby in tow you won't be heading out an last minute clubbing session, or weekend away to Ibiza - but how often did you do that anyway? If you do have the energy to hit the town you can always ask a friend or relative to sit for a few hours so you can have a date night. Otherwise we strongly suggest you do what most people really do on Friday night and that's kick back, rent a film, grab a take out and breathe.

2. The lie in as you knew it doesn't exist. Even if your baby is a good sleeper you won't be lolling around in bed until lunch and wondering where the rest of Saturday went. On the other hand with a bit of teamwork you can take it in turns with your other half for a 'mini-lie' in, so that one of you feels a little more rested.In the meantime power naps, aka nana naps, are essential to recharge your batteries if you've been up in the night.

3. You'll get loads done! Long gone are those weekends where all you did was catch up a box set and sort the recycling. You'll be up at sunrise and have done a bunch of household chores and will feel invincible. You'll also probably be wondering why the shops and cafes wait until the ungodly hour of 9am to open! 

4. Playdates. If you've joined NCT or parent classes you'll have made new friends and before long playdates will be your weekend go-to activity. Whether it's just meeting in the park or soft play - it's great to speak to other parents and there is certainly safety in numbers when it comes days out with kids.

5. Hangovers don't happen.  We've all bragged to our colleagues about those crazy nights out and two day hangovers but trust us you won't be able to cope once you have a baby. Instead you can afford to be a little bit smug and think of the wasted weekend's spent lying on the couch nursing a headache and how much more you actually pack into your weekend now!  

6. Lighten up and go with the flow. Babies and toddlers need routines but sometimes it doesn't hurt to loosen the reigns a smidge at the weekend. If you want to all wear PJ's until lunchtime, so what? If you want a Saturday teddy bear picnic on the carpet why not? Before you know it you'll be taking your child to weekend swimming classes, brownies or ballet and the calendar will be full that you'll look back fondly to those chilled out lazy baby onsie days!

So here's to the weekend everyone! 



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