Guest Blog: Top Ten Baby Products

These products were all absolute life-savers for the first 12 weeks and well worth the investment!

1) A baby carrier- for burping baby, getting on with housework and popping to the shop hands-free!

2) Cot mobile - great entertainment since the early days it kept her mesmerised in her cot.

3) Changing table - great for storage and to change baby.

4) Dummies - it's controversial but it really worked for me.

5) Night-time nappies - great for night after a feed.

6) Bouncer chair - she loved sitting in this and gazing out of the window.

7) Playmat - babies love to spread out and wriggle between sleeps!

8) Breastfeeding cushion - so much more comfortable than an ordinary cushion.

9) Giant muslins/sleeping bag - so useful and can't be kicked off at night.

10) Rattles - from 8 weeks she loved shaking rattles and maracas.

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