Top 5 Tips for Bathing Baby

Top 5 Tips for Bathing Baby

For first time parents bathing a newborn can feel like handling the most delicate, priceless piece of china. But with a little confidence and planning you will come to love this special time to bond. Here are our top tips for a Lazy Baby bath time.

1) Planning ahead. Make sure you have everything you need is laid out and within arms reach including towel, sponge, nappies and cream. Baby cannot be left once in the water so have everything to hand.

2) Find the right bath. There are some fabulous baths available with slings that make it easy to have your hands-free. However you can use a standard bath but for this you'll need a slip mat and a back rest to secure baby. Add just two or three inches of water checking the heat on your elbow or wrist to make sure it's not too hot or too cold.

3) Getting ready. Remove clothing and all the while chat to your baby to make this a happy time to bond with your little one. Ease baby into the bath and use your arm to support the head or gently place on the back rest if you are using one. 

4) Be confident.  Babies can soon feel the cold so wash quickly and confidently- in all the nooks and crannies. Introduce toys to make it fun and as an added distraction. Finally wash hair last as this is the part they tend to not like and can make them feel the chill.

5) Dry thoroughly. Use soft fluffy towels to clean baby in all the tiny creases to avoid any rashes and avoid talc or body lotion as it's not needed and may cause irritation.

Finally after a bath we suggest you wrap them in our super soft organic cotton Lazy Baby clothing. Our range is made from the softest huggable brushed cotton so it's kind to baby, the environment and to the cotton farmers as it's 100% fairly traded.

For more details on bathing your baby we found this NHS video really helpful.


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