Top Ten Summer Bucket List Activities

Whilst a typical adult bucket list may include a sky dive, a wild weekend in New York or meeting the Dalai Lama - the beauty of small children is that they love the little things. This summer why not try a few of our activities and embrace your inner child too?

1) Encourage outdoor adventures from a young age. Get little ones out on bikes or scooters or on the back of yours to experience the thrill of the ride. 

2) Create a lemonade, smoothie or craft stand selling your products and handmade treasures. 

3) Use outdoor chalks to create temporary artwork and old school style hopscotch games around your garden or local park.

4) Make a den using an old tent or clothes dryer and sheets. Even if your children have a playhouse they'll still love den building. Dig out a few old blankets and some pots and pans, bits of dried pasta and they'll be busy making house for hours.

5) Take dressing up to a new level and visit charity shops to find some unusual outfits, scarves and jewellery so that children can invent stories and characters to act out.

6) Visit the beach. You can't beat a day by the sea to let little ones run off excess energy. Don't wait for a sunny day when the roads will be rammed - just pack wellies, fishing nets, buckets and have fun gathering stones and shells whatever the weather.

7) Have a picnic with friends. You don't have to go far - the local park will do - it's all about the excitement of packing the food and heading out into the fresh air with friends.

8) Create a 'rainy day' box using card games,random treasures, old toys and crafts. Keep making little additions to box and over time there'll be a few surprises and plenty of old favourites to pass the time when the British summertime lets you down.

9) Make a mad hatter's tea party. Prep a few sandwiches and ask the children to help decorate (shop bought) biscuits with icing and sprinkles and lay out snacks on a picnic rug or table. You can even go all out and make invitations for the important guests - teddy, rabbit you know the drill...

10) Have fun with books. Visit your local library to find out about local summer events. You can also make create your own library with toy stampers and your book collection and take it in turns to be the bossy librarian..... ssssshhhh please!!

Photographs on Instagram are by You the Daddy blog and A Dainty Mum featuring the Lazy Baby Can't Wheelie Yet and Can't Sail Yet tee. 


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