Valentine's Day For New Parents

Valentine's Day For New Parents

1) Embrace being a parent and involve the kids in Valentine's Day. Make cards, watch a movie and eat popcorn in your pj's and share the love.

2) Spontaneity goes out the window once you become a parent. News flash - you are no longer able to drop everything and fly to Paris or New York at a minute's notice - okay we didn't do this before kids but we could in theory! From now on you'll need to manage your expectations and plan ahead. Book a sitter, get granny on speed dial and do what you have to do to get some alone time.

3) As the big day falls on a Tuesday many of us won't have time or inclination to go all out and celebrate so why not book a table a week or two afterwards when the restaurants aren't rammed and it doesn't feel like such a cliche.

4) Give your other half the gift of relaxation or even better  - SLEEP!  Simply make up some 'token's' for a lie in or a special bubble bath and Ta-Da! Just remember that when it comes to cashing in the tokens, you need to follow through with your promise and keep little ones occupied so they aren't knocking at the bedroom or bathroom door!

5) It's not all about red roses, teddy bears and chocolates. Make your other half feel cherished and cared for by booking a special event such as a concert or theatre show so that you have a special date night ahead to look forward to.

 How ever you decide to celebrate have a happy Valentine's Day!

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