What do babies see?

What do babies see?

It's an incredible moment seeing your newborn open their eyes for the first time. But you may be wondering, what can they actually see in the world around them? 

Vision before birth

Your baby's eyes begin to develop at just 4 weeks of pregnancy. By 10 weeks, the eyelids are formed, although the eyes remain fused shut. At 12 weeks, the retina begins to develop. The eyes finally open around 27 weeks, and your baby can blink and react to bright light. By 32 weeks, the eyes can detect light, dark and blurry shapes.

Seeing in black and white

People often say that babies can only see in black and white. They can actually see some colour from birth, but they have trouble distinguishing colours unless there is a high contrast. Black and white is the optimum combination for babies to see clearly. That's why you may notice your baby taking more interest in monochrome books or toys containing patterns that stimulate their vision.

Colour vision

As your baby grows, they will learn to distinguish colour and tones, such as red and yellow at 2 months, and more colours at 3 months. At this age, they will still struggle to tell the difference between pastel shades or similar colours, so choose bright contrasting colours to capture their interest.

Clothing for babies to see and love!

We believe baby clothing should be fun and we want babies to love their outfits as much as you do! That's why we use visually stimulating black and white stripes and bright colours in our baby clothing and accessories, so little ones can enjoy taking in the world around them.

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