Why Autumn Babies are Awesome

If you're expecting in the next few months grab a pumpkin spice latte and hunker down for some interesting facts about why autumn babies are so awesome!

1) Babies born in autumn and late summer babies tend to be taller. Probably due to the fact that expectant mums are exposed to sunshine during the final trimester and this helps her body produce higher levels of vitamin D, which may aid the fetus's skeletal growth.

2) Researchers at the University of Essex found that autumn kids are more athletic. Yet again the pregnant mums' exposure to sun helps her body produce more bone-building vitamin D. So whilst it may have been hot and sticky carrying your baby in summer - it turns out it's worth it!

3) Autumn babies tend to excel academically. This may be due to schools' September cut-off for entrance which means that kids born after that point are almost a whole year older than those born in August - leading to advantages in learning and development.

4) More babies are born in September. We are guessing this is due to the winter months (when these babies are conceived) when we parents are feeling the need to cosy up!

5) Babies born in autumn weigh less as on average gestate a week less than their counterparts.

6) Autumn babes live longer. Depending on the study, anywhere from 160 to 219 days longer. It's not much but everyday counts right?! And, according to another by the University of Chicago shows that the most centenarians were born between September and November.

Good luck and here's to a healthy, happy bunch of autumn babies!

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