You Name It Baby!

You Name It Baby!

Recent studies show that a fifth of parents regret their choice of name so it really is worth all those evenings spent pouring over baby books and the heated ‘discussions’ with your partner to nail it!

Noah is currently the most popular name for boys in the UK and Amelia for girls but it seems that the sky is the limit, with a rise in names related to the heavens including Skye, Celeste, Luna and Phoenix.

Never underestimate the power of popular culture and remember that what's big now could find you bumping into a bunch of kids with the same name at the school gate! The release of Star Wars last year saw an increase in Luke, Leia and as new characters Fin and Rey as well as the actors’ names Daisy, Isaac and Ridley. The success of Frozen also saw lots of little Elsa’s and of course Charlotte and George rose up the charts thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Keeping it short, sweet and simple seems to be a current craze. Nick-names are now full-blown moniker’s including Eva, Elle, Edie, Max, Joe, Liv and Leo.

Celebrities have made nouns as names a whole new thing – who could forget Apple? Watch out instead for Grove, Muse, Snow, Pike, Blue and Bear and traditional boys names for girls including James and Max.

The vintage trend is unstoppable with flower names proving ever-popular for girls such as Daisy, Lilly, Poppy and Rose and classic boy’s names are back including Harold, Stanley, Ralph, Fred and Morris.

And it goes without saying that you will spend a lot of time crossing off all the names of people you dated or hated at school, not to mention checking the initials for any embarrassing words. Whatever you decide we hope you have fun along with way and wish you and your Lazy Babies all the best!



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