Funny Baby Grows Made From Organic Fabric

Are you heading to a christening or baby shower this winter? Our funny baby grows, which are made from the finest organic fabric, are ideal for making new parents smile. 

Every 3 seconds a baby comes into the world, and every single one of them is unique. At Lazy Baby we believe that’s something worth celebrating. There’s no more magical time to welcome a baby into the world than at Christmas. Babies remind us of new life and beginnings just when a new year is on the way.

Lazy Baby believe that just as every baby is special, every gift should be as well. After all, these are the kinds of presents that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Many think there’s nothing more magic than a baby’s smile and while they might not be able to appreciate gifts yet, our funny baby grows will be precious mementoes for the parents.

Made of organic cotton, they are super-soft and will suit even babies with the most sensitive skin. This type of fabric also much more environmentally-friendly and comes from fair trade suppliers. They have the message ‘Just Spent 9 months Inside’ and prison stripes, making them ideal for somebody looking to give a humorous and unique gift.

Why not explore our range of funny baby grows today?