Looking For A Gift Bundle For A Baby Show?

‘Babies are such a nice way to start people.’

(Don Herold.)

Are you heading to a baby shower this winter?

Originally popular celebrations in America, baby showers have become more and more common in the UK. However, gift-giving ceremonies for new mothers have been around for centuries.

At Lazy Baby we have a number of awesome gifts for babies, including those suitable for christenings or baby showers.

Nothing lights up our world like a baby’s smile. According to scientists, human babies are the only primates that smile at their parents. While they might not be able to appreciate gifts yet, parents will always be grateful for any help.

Lazy Baby has everything from original clothing and hats to bibs for newborns. All are organic and fairly traded baby products. This includes gift bundles that will make any new parent feel special.

Our collections include this Funny Baby Grow decorated with the message ‘Just done 9 months inside’ and prison stripes that will make any mother smile. Made from organic cotton, it not only looks great but has handy YKK poppers so the baby can easily be changed.

Rated five-stars by previous customers, it’s a highly original outfit and will stand out from other gifts.

If you’re heading to a baby shower, why not check out our products today?