Searching for Fun and Original Baby Shower Gifts?

Did you know that the first colour babies recognise is red? Or that they’re born without kneecaps?

At Lazy Baby, we think babies are fascinating, fun and worthy of original gifts. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing fun and interesting baby show gifts. This type of event is a great chance to celebrate the beginning of a new life while helping provide everything parents need.

Our organic cotton clothing is the ideal present for new parents, with our ‘Just Done 9 Months Inside’ ® particularly popular.

In the first year, it’s estimated babies deprive their parents of approximately 44 days of sleep. They’ll definitely appreciate not having to trawl the shops for clothing! Whether you’re a new godparent, aunt or uncle, we can provide the baby shower gifts you need.

We have many products in our ‘Just Done 9 Months Inside ®’ range, which is a great way to make parents laugh. Among this collection is this Romper and Hat Bundle which is only £24.00. It is ideal for newborn babies and comes in its own gift envelope.

If you’re heading to a baby shower, explore our collections today.