Searching for Funny Baby Shower Gifts?

Being a new mother is wonderful but it is also highly stressful, with sleepless nights and a whole new little person to take care of. All new mothers can use a funny gift to cheer them up during those more difficult first days.

Want to make somebody laugh at their baby shower?

MCH Baby Gifts has many funny baby shower gifts that are also highly practical, including organic baby grows, long sleeve t-shirts, vests and rompers, and much more. Among our collections is our POW! range which has super-hero, comic book-themed baby clothes.

Our ‘Just Done 9 Months Inside’ collection will tickle the funny bones of any parent, with a range of stripey clothing to choose from, including this soft New Born Vest with pink trim.

This includes this Cotton Sleeping Bag which, like all our clothing, it’s made of organic fabric and is suitable for babies between 16-18 months. 

Guaranteed to make any parent laugh, they will make their baby look awesome for those first photoshoots. Highly affordable, they’re unique gifts that are likely to be treasured once their little ones have grown up.

Explore our collection of funny baby shower gifts today.